Norfolk is a lovely county in East Anglia and is popular with caravan holiday enthusiasts.

If you’re thinking of heading east, here are a few ideas if you’ve never visited the area before.


This was one of mediaeval England’s most important and wealthiest cities. Its wealth was built on its wool trade and its proximity to the East Coast ports that in those days were so important in English trade to Germany, Scandinavia and Holland.

As a result, if you love history, you’ll like this city and its many attractions. Why not try:

The Norfolk Broads

This is a very large area of the county which comprises marshlands, rivers and lakes.

It’s world-famous for its wildlife and boating water-based holidays. That might sound odd in a caravanning context but of course there are some excellent sites in the area and you can get around on the water without basing your entire holiday on a boat.

It can be busy here in July and August, so if possible, try and visit outside of the peak holiday weeks.


This is a Victorian town that sits on the very far northern tip of the county’s coastline.

It’s a pretty town with a flavour of Victorian yesteryear with just one example of this being the pier with its theatre at the end. There are lots of little cafés and interesting shops.

It’s a charming place and quite evocative. Don’t forget to sample the legendary Cromer Crab while you’re there.


This is one of the UK’s great stately homes and also the residence of Her Majesty the Queen at certain times of the year.

More correctly in fact, this is an estate. It’s a fantastic place to visit and in addition to the house itself which has its own chapel, there’s also a museum and some incredibly beautiful gardens.

Most guidebooks recommend you allow a minimum of 4 hours to get around and see everything. Look carefully at the opening times and dates on the estate’s website though.   There are some times in the year when the estate is not open.

North Norfolk Railway

Do you like steam trains? Then you’ll love it here!

The line from Sheringham – Weybourne – Holt is world famous for its steam days, galas and some great trips. The programme changes regularly so check out their website for the latest news once you have your dates confirmed.

Getting ready

There are some fantastic sights to see in Norfolk but don’t let their attractions cause you to forget the basics.

Here are a few ancillary tips:

  • remember that the east coast of England has some beautiful beaches and open spaces but it can also experience some wind coming off the North Sea. Even in summer, it’s worth remembering those wind breaks;
  • don’t forget to make sure that you’ve fully checked your caravan prior to departure and that your touring caravan insurance is fully up-to-date;
  • some Norfolk caravan sites can be busy in the peak season, particularly those in close proximity to the Broads. Booking ahead in July and August is highly advisable.

Enjoy yourself!