Uh-oh you’ve realised your bank account is in the red and you’ve nearly maxed out your credit card. How are you going to afford to get ready for your holiday to the Costa del Sol in a few weeks? What about the beer tokens? Instead of selling off your new holiday clothes on eBay or looking for change down the back of your sofa do not worry, it’s not as bad as you think…

Everyone gets a holiday haircut and wants to look their best at the airline check-in desk. Instead of paying astronomical prices for a ‘technical hair director’ in a High Street salon, there are many deals and treatments available to achieve perfect tresses.

Online discount vouchers

Search online for local salon deals in your area. Hairdressing salons love a bit of competition and many of them have listed discounts and offers on various treatments and styling services. These can range from up to 75% off salon prices or include an additional service such as conditioning lotion or highlights. Don’t forget some sites also show reviews from customers who have visited the salon previously. It’s really easy to buy and download your voucher – simply take it to the salon with you on the day of your appointment. Get searching today!

Use your local college

Hair and beauty training colleges are always looking for models and students to practise on. You may have alarm bells ringing at the thought of unqualified trainees in their teens chopping at your precious locks but don’t write them off just yet – students are always supervised when working on models and a full consultation will be discussed with you before you put on the cloak.  Treatments at colleges are usually very cheap or even free!

Do you really need a Technical Hair Director?

You are guaranteed to pay up to three times more for an experienced stylist in the hierarchy of a hairdressing salon. Titled staff members are pigeon-holed in terms of their experience and expertise in specific areas such as colour, cutting, styling etc. However, remember all hairdressers no matter their expertise have all passed the necessary qualifications to work in a salon and wash, cut and blow dry customers hair. Ask yourself, is the extra expense really worth booking a hairdresser with a few more years’ experience when you only need a trim and blow dry? For the strict holiday budget opt for a junior next time.


Let’s be honest, when you get a wash and blow dry at a salon no one is ever 100% happy with the end result. You may even wash and dry it again yourself when you get home! Cut back on the cost of your salon visit and ask for a dry cut – you’ll still have the same result except the stylist will lightly spray your hair with water to dampen it before lifting the scissors and you can have it when you get home.


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