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The first point to make is that what follows is not financial advice.

Just what methods of funding would be suitable for you will depend a lot upon your own personal financial situation. As that isn’t known here, please keep in mind that the points below are generalities that may or may not apply in your unique circumstances.

Finding finance

In the majority of cases, there are typically four potential sources of motorhome finance:

  • your bank;
  • the dealership;
  • a finance company you’ve found yourself;
  • friends, family or your own financial resources (e.g. a retirement lump-sum).

As this is about finding finance, the last one above won’t be discussed further.

The other three have their strengths and some issues to consider.

Your position

Whoever it is you’re asking to advance motorhome finance, they will typically be looking for you to bring certain things to the table:

  • evidence that you can afford the repayment schedule (usually in the form of regular income);
  • a price for the vehicle proposed that makes sense when viewed against its realistic market value;
  • an identity and address that can be easily verified against things such as the electoral register– this is to prove that you are who you say you are;
  • a financial contribution towards the price. This is sometimes called “the deposit” and it is a way of reducing or sharing the risk with the lender. Typically, the more of your own money you’re including as the deposit, the easier you should find it to secure funding at attractive rates (assuming all other things are equal);
  • an acceptable credit history record. Contrary to some myth, credit history issues are NOT usually a showstopper but they may affect how much you’ll need to pay for your finance.

Bank funding

This has a major attraction for some in that it’s familiar. Banks have also cleverly positioned themselves in the marketplace over generations so that they sound like solid pillars of the community – and that still appeals to some.

On the downside, you might find that:

  • they’re rather slow to make decisions;
  • it’s possible they’ll demand a higher contribution from you than some other potential providers;
  • you may wish to keep your vehicle purchasing affairs private in terms of your bank’s view of the totality of your engagements;
  • the banks can be risk-averse and less receptive to luxury vehicle financing than some other sources.


Dealerships have a big advantage – they know the finance providers who are likely to be receptive to applications relating to motorhome finance. This route might for example, help to keep the deposit you need to provide at a lower level.

It might save you a lot of time and trouble because it’s one-stop shopping.

Things to keep in mind might include:

  • some may prefer to keep the business of finding finance and driving a deal on a motorhome, separate (though due to the high demand for motorhomes and the fact they hold their prices, this might be less of an issue than it would be with cars);
  • do review the finance proposition from the dealership just as you would any other, looking at interest rates and so on.

Finance companies of your own choice

Remember, every time you make a loan application and it’s refused, that will potentially damage your credit score. So, avoid making large numbers of random applications in the hope you’ll get a favourable outcome and instead look for companies that have a track record in motorhome finance.

Look at all the usual factors including:

  • whether they’re a fully regulated company;
  • the interest rate they’re apply in AER terms;
  • how long they’ll allow repayments over;
  • the maximum age of the vehicle they’ll accept;
  • any conditions or penalty clauses etc.

Take your time reviewing their proposition and if you’re not really comfortable with financial concepts, get objective advice from someone who is.

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If you travel a lot then chances are you are stress out a lot. Stress is all around us. From our workplace to our home, we can’t seem to escape the effects of stress, or can we? While we all know that stress is not good for us, we don’t all know how to get rid of it. Actually, everyone probably has their own means of reducing or lessening stress. Some of the measures that people take to lessen their stress include: sipping on hot tea, listening to music, and taking long walks in the park. Did you know that books can provide you with an outlet and an escape from the stress of everyday life? According to an article on the Mayo Clinic, reading for just thirty minutes per day can work to de-stress your life. Books are vessels that can transport you to another world or another galaxy all together. From living someone else’s life to brushing up on your skills, reading a book can reduce your stress instantly. According to some new research, reading is more effective and works faster at relieving your stress than drinking a cup of tea, listening to music or going for a long walk. Why is this the case you may wonder? Because reading involves deep concentration. Deep thought can act as a distraction which can help to reduce tension and stress immediately.

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Traveling is something everyone enjoys and you should be looking forward to your vacation rather than worrying about the possibility of being hacked while traveling. Unfortunately, this is a possibility and knowing how to best protect your devices is important. This article will shed some light on ways your phone can be in danger and how to protect it, as well as other electronic devices while traveling.

Use Passwords that are Difficult to Detect

It is all too common that people use passwords that are easy to remember such as birth dates, pet names, anniversary dates, the current city they live in. etc. However, using a password such as those can make it easy for someone to hack. Instead, try using passwords that include special characters, acronyms, and numbers in a combination that would be difficult to figure out. If you need to use an important date so that you can remember the password, try adding in some special characters to make it a stronger password. Also, changing your password every six months or so for extra protection.

Keep Your Software Up-to-Date

Before you take off for your trip, be sure to update your antivirus software for added protection on all of your devices. All manufacturers’ offer updates every few months and it is vital to your protection that you check the website for any updates that are available and get those installed before you leave. Android virus scan can also detect any possible concerns prior to your trip so that you are less likely for an issue while away.

Mobile Device Security

While the above tips apply to mobile devices and laptops, mobile device security is probably most important, as you are more likely to be using your phone or tablet while traveling. Before leaving for your trip, all of your devices should be password protected in order to access the device and the Bluetooth protocols should be disabled in order to avoid the possibility of someone connecting to your device.

If you are traveling soon and need a trusted app for protection, Android AVG antivirus for mobile devices is truly the best form of protection you can have for your mobile devices.

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We are fortunate to live in an age where cheap air travel, and affordable cruises, allow us to access exotic and exciting resorts that, not so long ago, would have been available only to the very wealthy. Where once a family holiday would have been taken somewhere closer to home, nowadays it is not unusual to spread our wings, and to visit somewhere far removed from the holiday resort of old. The only problem facing the holidaymaker now is choosing where to go, such is the sheer variety of possible places to visit.

Take Puerto Vallarta, for example; a glorious resort on the Bay of Banderas, a stunning stretch of Mexico’s Pacific Ocean coast, this wonderfully friendly and welcoming city is a place where you can take a holiday and enjoy not only superb beaches and amazing weather, but also indulge in local culture and experience the nightlife. We recommend Puerto Vallarta vacation rentals as your accommodation of choice, as there are many to choose from and the privacy and convenience you are afforded will be unrivalled.

Why Puerto Vallarta?

Puerto Vallarta was largely developed during the colonial years of the 19th century, and this is reflected in the architecture, particularly in the Old Town region. It is a small city that now features a mix of the old and modern, and the central plaza is a charming place to sit and have a drink and relax. There are many charming shops, friendly street cafes, galleries and museums, and it is a very welcoming city that is largely pedestrianised.

However, for many people, it is not the city itself that is the attraction, but the stunning beaches. There are many along the bay that offer peace and tranquillity – plus wonderful soft sand and amazing weather – and you will find great variety. Dome are secluded small beaches with a very intimate feel, others are lined with restaurants offering glorious seafood dishes – more of that later – and each has the benefit of the wonderfully clear and beautiful ocean waters lapping at the shore.

Indeed, so clear are the waters here that diving – both snorkelling and scuba – is extremely popular. The shores are home to wonderful rock formations and coral reefs that harbour a wide variety of undersea wildlife, and you are sure to see some fantastic creatures that you will not see elsewhere. Indeed, the rock formations rise out of the sea in spectacular fashion across the bay, and are an iconic site in the region.

If you are lucky enough to be in Puerto Vallarta at the right time of the year you may even be able to enjoy watching pods of whales frolicking in the waters, a sight that is one to be cherished, so it is worth checking your tourist information if you want to catch this spectacular sight.

Food and Fun

Mexico is famous for its varied food, and it is part and parcel of the culture of this wonderfully friendly country. You will find a wide variety of excellent restaurants in Puerto Vallarta – some of them with sea views – and you simply have to try the local specialities. Grilled red snapper, served in a unique garlic and spice sauce, is a wonderful local dish, while you will also find a variety of raw fish and other seafood dishes, served in lime juice, which are well worth a try. On the beach itself you will find vendors selling grilled, skewered meat served in a local speciality hot sauce – a great snack that is completely unique to the region. Then there’s the local drinks: you can’t visit Mexico and not try a tequila – but be careful, it is strong stuff!

After a relaxing day on the beach or in your luxury villa, you will want to let your hair down, and Puerto Vallarta is no stranger to a party. You will find lively bars throughout the city – the Old Town region is a particular favourite – and there are a number of great nightclubs in this small and friendly city, so you can get some music on and enjoy yourself thoroughly. It’s a great city to enjoy yourself in, and one that you will find suits your requirements in every way.

Choose Your Villa

The sheer choice of accommodation in Puerto Vallarta is impressive; whether you are a couple looking for a romantic break, or a large group of perhaps a couple of families there will be something to suit your requirements and your budget, and you will also be pleasantly surprised at how affordable a villa holiday can be. You get complete privacy and the convenience to come and go as you wish, plus you can choose between a self-catering or part-catered villa. If you choose the former, the range of fresh produce available at local markets is quite wonderful, so you can cook al fresco on your outdoor equipment, as and when you wish.

Your villa will be beautifully furnished with all the amenities you need in a home from home, and you will likely have a villa with a pool, so you can relax outdoors and enjoy the beautiful Mexican sun. Easy to reach from the local airport, which is served by flights from many countries, Puerto Vallarta really is the ideal holiday destination, so check out vacation rentals now, and book you and your family a holiday in this glorious and exotic resort that you will never forget.