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Hello, I'm Adele. Travelling has become my most favourite thing to do and I'm loving all the new experiences and friends I've made throughout my journey so far. Leaving home with only a back pack and a desire to see more of the world has been an eye opener in many ways but I wouldn't change anything. Read about the places I have visited already and where I'd like to go next on my website; if you have any suggestions or questions I would love to hear from you. Ciao for now and I hope you'll be back soon.

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Uh-oh you’ve realised your bank account is in the red and you’ve nearly maxed out your credit card. How are you going to afford to get ready for your holiday to the Costa del Sol in a few weeks? What about the beer tokens? Instead of selling off your new holiday clothes on eBay or looking for change down the back of your sofa do not worry, it’s not as bad as you think…

Everyone gets a holiday haircut and wants to look their best at the airline check-in desk. Instead of paying astronomical prices for a ‘technical hair director’ in a High Street salon, there are many deals and treatments available to achieve perfect tresses.

Online discount vouchers

Search online for local salon deals in your area. Hairdressing salons love a bit of competition and many of them have listed discounts and offers on various treatments and styling services. These can range from up to 75% off salon prices or include an additional service such as conditioning lotion or highlights. Don’t forget some sites also show reviews from customers who have visited the salon previously. It’s really easy to buy and download your voucher – simply take it to the salon with you on the day of your appointment. Get searching today!

Use your local college

Hair and beauty training colleges are always looking for models and students to practise on. You may have alarm bells ringing at the thought of unqualified trainees in their teens chopping at your precious locks but don’t write them off just yet – students are always supervised when working on models and a full consultation will be discussed with you before you put on the cloak.  Treatments at colleges are usually very cheap or even free!

Do you really need a Technical Hair Director?

You are guaranteed to pay up to three times more for an experienced stylist in the hierarchy of a hairdressing salon. Titled staff members are pigeon-holed in terms of their experience and expertise in specific areas such as colour, cutting, styling etc. However, remember all hairdressers no matter their expertise have all passed the necessary qualifications to work in a salon and wash, cut and blow dry customers hair. Ask yourself, is the extra expense really worth booking a hairdresser with a few more years’ experience when you only need a trim and blow dry? For the strict holiday budget opt for a junior next time.


Let’s be honest, when you get a wash and blow dry at a salon no one is ever 100% happy with the end result. You may even wash and dry it again yourself when you get home! Cut back on the cost of your salon visit and ask for a dry cut – you’ll still have the same result except the stylist will lightly spray your hair with water to dampen it before lifting the scissors and you can have it when you get home.

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Thinking about booking flights to India but not sure when to go?  We have put together a list of 7 festivals that are well worth planning your holiday around.


  1. Kumbh Mela Festival:


Kumbh Mela is the religious pilgrimage to the Ganges River to commemorate the war over the holy pitcher that contains the ‘nectar of immortality’ [1] This festival is something you will not forget. Between 50-110 million people make the pilgrimage to Kumbh Mela. In the daytime you can experience riveting lectures from gurus, witness naked ascetics performing mriacles, Brahmins working on blessings and marching bands that seem to appear from no where. Whilst at night you can witness spectacular theatrical performances about the great Hindu myths. You can buy inexpensive but beautiful Indian works of art including fabrics, jewellery and other trinkets.  The whole experience is often referred to as profound, which is of course what you would want.


When: July 14 – Sept 2015 annually
Where: Nashik, India

  1. Rath Yatra (Festival of Chariots)[2]


In honour of the Hindu God Jagannath, his brother Balabhaadra and sister Subhadra are carried in three large colourful raths in a parade, which goes to Jagannaths garden palace. The reason for the festival is not necessarily know but it is said that it is to celebrate Krishnas return from exile. The whole experience of carrying the chariots is a religious one for the thousands that participate. To those who commemorate the festival touching the holy chariots and ropes are supposed to bring the same amount of fortune as athousand horse sacrifices. The festival typically takes place during one of the rainy seasons in India so this usually falls between June and July.


When: 18th July 


Where: Bada Danda, Puri, Orissa


  1. Champakkulam Boat Race [3]


In the region of Kerala, the boat race season commences with the famed Champakkulam Moolam Vallam Kali boat race. Set in a beautiful, tranquil village in the Alappuzha district both locals and travellers from afar visit the banks of the river to watch the race. The more adventurous spectators tend to climb the trees close to the banks to get a better view of the race. Being the largest sporting event in the world the snake boat race is often considered as the ultimate athletic test of speed, endurance and skill and is a true wonder to witness.


When: 1st July  

Where: Chamakulam, Alappuzha district


  1. Splash [4]


For the seventh year, Splash returns to Kerala. Set in the monsoon season the festival is all about nature and is a fantastic opportunity to get stuck into some outdoor activities. The carnival consists of three sports filled days of outdoor and indoor activities. This includes river rafting, mountain biking, mud football and crab catching. You will be truly blessed with the beauty of the Wayanad district. Fortunate to have many of nature’s greatest treasures such as ancient ruins, elusive mountain caves, aborigine tribes, hidden crevices, tree house, jungle trails and incredible wildlife.


When: July 10 – 12th

Where: Vythiri Village, Wayanad district, Kerala


  1. Hemis Festival


This festival is held over two-days and celebrates the birth of Guru Padmasambhava.

During the festivities you can expect to enjoy regional traditional music with elaborately dressed performers. This memorable tribute is held in the largest Buddhist monastery in Ladakh, home to more than 600 monks.


The celebration conveys true Indo-Tibetan culture, against a stunning backdrop. Experience the sound of the traditional drums, the instruments played at this festival symbolise the victory of good over evil.  The inner messages portrayed by the marked prayers on historic religious paintings are more than 300 years old.


When: 7th – 8th July 2015

Where: Hemis Gompa, Ladakh (Jammu and Kashmir)


  1. Feast of Saints Peter and Paul


The customary ‘Sangodd’ festival of Saint Peter and Paul is held in the monsoon season every year. The local village communities of Goa’s fishing circles curate this festival by tradition as an appreciation of the patron St. Peter – the saint of fishermen.


When: June 29, annually.

Where: Goa, particularly the riverside villages of Candolim, Siolim, Ribandar and Agassaim.


  1. Ladakh International Film Festival


A newbie on the Indian festival horizon, held for the first time in 2012, this yearly celebration is one of the chief film festivals in the world.


Their purpose is not only to draw attention, but to define the physical beauty of Ladakh. The idea behind this event is to celebrate pioneering films on the horizon and to address environmental and biological topics taking place too, revealing themes such as wildlife conservation.


When: Dates to be announced.

Where: Leh, Ladakh.






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The city of London is a place that is known for its diversity when it comes to culture. This is a city that is a melting pot of different ethnicities and cultures, so it comes as no surprise that it is also a place that hosts a huge variety of exciting festivals and events on an annual basis.

If you are eager to soak up some culture, excitement, and fun while you are in London, it is well worth timing your trip to coincide with the festivals that you are interested in. Attending one of these events will enable you to enjoy London from a whole new perspective as well as enabling you to sample new experiences.

Popular annual festivals held in London 

The range of annual festivals and events that are held in London is huge, so you will find events that cater for all tastes and preferences. Some of the popular annual festivals you can look forward to in the English capital include:

  • Notting Hill Carnival: Amongst the best known and most vibrant of the annual festivals held in London, the Notting Hill Carnival is truly a sight to behold. This is a festival that attracts around a million people and has become hugely popular with many visitors attending in order to immerse themselves in the multicultural vibe that this part of London is so well known for.


  • Chelsea Flower Show: Anyone with an interest in horticulture or natural beauty should head to this incredibly popular annual event, which also attracts huge numbers of people. Taking place in late May, this is also a historic show that has been running since the 1860s and has now become one of the most popular events held each year in London.


  • The Great British Beer Festival: Taking place in August each year, this is a festival that is a must for beer lovers and those who simply want to sample new beverages. The festival has been running since the 1970s and takes place over the course of five days. You can try hundreds of beers and ciders when you attend this festival with a range of breweries setting up bars for the event.
  • London Restaurant Festival: As a result of its cultural and ethnic diversity, London is also home to restaurants that serve up a huge array of cuisine from all around the world. London Restaurant Festival is an event that takes place in October each year and last for a week, with hundreds of restaurants taking part in the event. This is a celebration of the culinary diversity that London offers and is a great event for foodies to attend.
  • Regent Street Festival: Held every September, the Regent Street Festival is a very popular event that is attended by thousands of locals and visitors. One of the unique things about this event is that the theme changes each year, which means that the type of entertainment and attractions also change in line with the theme. This is a great way to spend a day, as it enables you to enjoy fun, excitement, and mingle with people from all walks of life.

There are, of course, many other festivals that take place over the course of the year in London, from literary and film festivals to food, drink, and even design festivals. So if you are visiting London don’t just take one of the many discount tours of London,  spend some time seeing one of the great festivals London has to offer too.

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Your perfect cruise holiday can ultimately see you dishing out a lot of money for the pleasure. The most desirable destinations and attractive cruise liners can often lead to an expensive outlay, something which can put off potential customers.
However, if you prepare properly beforehand and take steps to reduce your outgoings whilst aboard the ship itself, a cruise holiday can be more attainable for regular customers. Here are 5 ways to best go about saving money for your cruise:

1.     Know When to Book 

Most holidaymakers will have a pre-determined time of when they can go away, during the school holidays for example. If this is the case, it is best to scour all the deals online as soon as possible for your preferred dates, keeping an eye out for potential deals. By booking early, you will also be able to guarantee your preferred room choice and place on any excursions taking place.

The end of summer usually causes the following summer’s deals to open up and even though you’ve just returned from on holiday, you may be looking at something a little different for the following year!

Alternatively, you can also try booking as late as possible as a way to save money. If this is a realistic option for you, finding a spot at the last minute will often be much cheaper than usual. Cruise companies will look to recoup as much money they can or fill up places left by cancellations.

2.     Consider Off-Peak Seasons

Cruises during off-peak periods are generally less expensive than in the high season. Booking within these times, i.e. at some point in the school year, will save you money and also provide more freedom on a less crowded ship.

Christmas and New Year are also hugely popular, due to special performances by big celebrities and parties on the Disney cruise liners have been known to be incredibly popular as people look for an alternative festive season.

If looking for an off-peak cruise, knowing when to book for depends on many variables such as the location and weather conditions. Do research beforehand on your preferred destination and which season is the most feasible option.

3.      Book Online 

Although some people still prefer using the travel agent as a way to book their cruise holidays, completing the process online can often unearth some great deals. Going alone will require more preparation on your part however, especially with your travel arrangements to and from the cruise liner. Keep an eye out for sales, last month was National Cruise Week and Cruise1st were offering deals as a part of this here.

You can use comparison websites to reveal the cheapest options for your favoured location and time. Emailing different cruise companies enquiring of any deals or possible reductions is also something worth checking out.

4.     Stay Efficient Onboard 

Experienced cruisers will tell you that onboard living isn’t necessarily cheap, no matter how much you have saved during the booking process. Pack carefully; take all the important items you need to prevent spending money needlessly on overpriced goods. Don’t be drawn into some of the extras offered from certain sections of the boat.

Also, be prepared for some unexpected additional charges. Cruises are rarely all-inclusive and some of the more exciting activities, such as visiting the casino or spa, are only available at extra cost.

5.     Cheaper Excursions

Cruising to the Mediterranean or Arctic won’t be much of an experience if you don’t leave the ship and take in the amazing sights. The cruise liner will most likely offer their own excursions tours at a cost, although it is possible to vacate the ship at your own free will.

Research all the local tourist hotspots and the most efficient way to see them all because your time off the boat is limited. In addition, you should also stock up on food, drinks and personal items whilst on land in order to save excess spending onboard.

Although the most desired cruise holidays on the most prominent ships are generally quite expensive to take, there are many ways to save money both at the booking stage and whilst at sea. Scout around for the best deals online, not forgetting the most efficient way to reach your embarkation point, and also pack resourcefully to save money whilst on the ship.

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If you are planning for a family holiday in Britain this summer, you would be keen to make out the most of your vacation. And to assist you in that part, here is a list of undeniably wonderful family attractions in UK you would love to visit.

Dairyland Farm World

Located in Cornwall, this place is a famous spot for family caravan holidays, known for its nature-friendly ambiance. It’s an ideal location for anyone who loves animals and especially children, for whom there is a separate indoor play area. You can also play around with the farm animals or even milk a cow or two, if you wish to.

Knights Quest at Alnwick Castle


Who doesn’t like adventure and that too when you are with your family. This famous ancient castle located in Northumberland is one of its own kinds and its credibility lies in the fact that it has been a favourite spot for many Hollywood films including the famous Harry Potter series. Here, you can dress yourself up with the Knight’s wardrobe and hold a sword. Sounds like a good enough pose for a photo! Isn’t it?

Landmark forest theme park

If you want to experience a roller coaster ride, a sky dive or a flume ride that takes the route of a virtual forest, then this is the place to be in. Get to witness the Bamboozeleum, single piece in the world and explore the covert behind the medieval pine forests.

National Space centre


Being one of most interactive and educative spot for a family, the national space center in Leicester offers almost real demonstrations of the space round the earth. Right from satellites to rockets, the interactive sessions are meant to educate the public in the easiest manner possible.

Deep Sea World

Deep Sea World

This place is famous for its humongous collection of marine organisms and especially the sharks. You get to experience the deep sea life by going through the world’s longest submarine tunnel. The stunning live theatres inject a leash of life into the sea creatures, the sight of which is a perfect treat to the eye.

Longleat Safari Park


A family trip to Britain is incomplete without a visit to this wonderfully wildlife-packed safari park. With Giraffes, tigers, lions, zebras, rhinos etc, there is simply nothing that you’ll miss out here. You can also assist the staffs in their work and get to acquire priceless knowledge, something you will never find in any book

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Many know Christmas time in Great Britain from its vast literary tradition with such stories as Peter Pan and A Christmas Carol, but what is it really like as a place to visit during the festive season? There are plenty of exciting options when looking for cheap Christmas family holidays in the UK. Exploring this winter wonderland could never be more satisfying.

Happy mother showing Christmas ball  to baby near Christmas tree
There’s nothing cosier than visiting an old fashioned British pub for your Christmas dinner as this can really give you a feel for the country. You don’t need to go to a gastronomic high-end London restaurant as there’s a number of smaller rural establishments that can offer a more authentic experience as you eat your meal by an old fashioned log-fire. The south-coast is great for this with such places as Dorset and Cornwall that can really take you back to a traditional British Christmas. You can even take a ride in a genuine Christmas steam-train with the Santa Express special in the Dorset seaside town of Swanage for some of that extra British authenticity. Chugging past the snow covered trees whilst sipping cream teas as Father Christmas hands out presents to the children, really helps to give you a taste of the British family Christmas.
If you want something a bit more exciting after that for the kids, then there’s always the fun of the theme-parks as well. With locations such as Alton Towers you have the Santa’s Sleepover whereby you get to stay overnight at the resort with a visit from Father Christmas before heading into the park the next day. All the big and exciting rides are there too such as Oblivion, which all manage to keep the excitement levels up. There are plenty of options for cheaper tickets as well with their two-for-one deals which you can also use there.
New Year’s Eve is an essential component of any cheap Christmas family holidays in the UK as well. For many, spending it in London watching the fireworks from London Bridge is a great way to end the year. This can get extremely busy though which can especially be a problem if you have children with you. Scotland can be a great place to spend this time of year with its infamous Edinburgh Hogmanay celebrations, as the city really comes alive with fireworks and street-parties throughout. Everywhere you go you will find something available to keep you entertained here as people dance in the street to the early hours, and sometime the later ones as well. With fancy dress there’s colour wherever you look as everyone gets involved in a friendly and vibrant atmosphere.
With this collection of assorted tips and advice, you should never be short of something to do over the Christmas season whilst visiting the British Isles. With plenty of options for cheap Christmas family holidays in the UK you can always keep an eye on that budget too. So visit the United Kingdom to find out what Christmas is really like there.